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  • Joe Wolfe

Collateral to Courseware: Getting More From Your Marketing Materials

So, your company has invested (or wants to invest) in marketing collateral to give your sales team an edge and impress potential customers. Like any smart company, you also want to get the most out of any investment. What if you could take that marketing collateral much further and make it work for you to build your brand?

Converting those marketing materials into courseware is a great way to position your products and services ahead of the competition and build recognition of your brand and products within the industry.


Why Convert Your Marketing Collateral to Courseware?

1. It already exists, so why not put it to work?

When you break it down like this, it's easy to see why your existing collateral makes a great foundation for courseware. You may not have thought about your marketing materials in this way before, but they were designed to educate. You have an opportunity to reach a much wider audience if you can package those materials into an engaging e-learning experience that synthesizes your marketing. It is important that your courseware and marketing reinforce one another because it makes the next steps much easier for your customers.

2. It assists successful product integration

A successful product integration starts with a sales pitch, but it's a long road from there to production. Designing courseware from the foundation of your own collateral helps ensure that the integration process is smooth for your customers. This way you can be sure you are presenting a coherent brand narrative to the different segments of your audience. Part of the courseware development process is crafting clear learning paths based on character profiles you identify within your target audience. This work will pay off with rapid and successful adoption of your products in the field.

3. It expands your marketing footprint

Quality e-learning can expand your marketing footprint by exposing more people to your products and services. E-learning is more popular than ever before, and the potential audience you can reach is truly massive and diverse. It appeals to both young people entering the workforce for the first time as well as experienced workers looking to brush up their skills or expand them. If you aren't tapping into this market in some way, then you are doing you and your brand a disservice. Students who learn about your products and services and enjoy using them are like your secret, underground sales force. They will bring that understanding and established workflow with them into the industry and often serve as unofficial ambassadors for your products to the companies they work for.

Don't Know Where to Start?

The Courseware Group has the knowledge and experience to transform your marketing collateral into courseware using the e-learning platform of your choosing. Additionally, we can update your existing collateral or create new collateral to serve as the foundation for courseware. Talk to us and we can help you build an e-Learning curriculum that reflects the strengths and goals of your organization and builds on your brand.


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