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Lab Development


Our courseware developers are experts at developing labs on a variety of technical topics. In addition, we have written labs for use in several modalities, including in-person, virtual, and video-based training. We can create labs as part of a courseware development plan or independently. 

Labs allow consumers to gain familiarity and practical understanding of a product or service through hands-on experience within a controlled environment. Labs can stand on their own but are often most effective as a tool to reinforce concepts introduced in the accompanying courseware.

We have created labs for Fortune 500 companies and small, independent companies alike.


Our established process allows us to create standardized labs per your specifications. We have experts to verify that labs run as expected and editors to ensure the materials reflect your specific brand.


The Courseware Group can help you scope, implement, and test labs on a wide variety of topics. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create quality hands-on materials.

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