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Identity and Access Management on AWS: Designing and Implementing an AWS Organization

Explore the uses of multiple accounts in AWS and managing multiple accounts using the Organizations feature and Service Control Policies in AWS.

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Identity and Access Management on AWS: Users

Learn about the uses of Users in AWS and why they should be used versus the root account. Explore best practices, including MFA, and how federation can be implemented.

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Identity and Access Management on AWS: Policies and Permissions

Explore the uses of policies and permissions in AWS, how policies are evaluated, and using advanced policy capabilities, including conditions and permission boundaries.

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Managing AWS Security and Identity

Security is one of the number-one issues for those considering moving workloads to the cloud. This course explores how to use AWS IAM services to tighten security and lock down resources.

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Identity and Access Management on AWS: Roles and Groups

Explore the uses of roles and groups in AWS and best practices for their use. Learn the tools that can be used to audit the use of IAM.

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Excel 2013: Analysis Techniques and Random Numbers

Explore Analysis Techniques using What-If, Solver, graphing, functions and statistical features in Excel.

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