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Passion Led Us Here

Here at The Courseware Group, we strive for excellence in helping our customers design, develop, and deliver custom courseware. Our staff are long-time experts in the field with numerous professional certifications and several books to their names specializing in everything from the IT datacenter to virtualization and cloud. We have created courses for clients such as Dell, Amazon Web Services, Intel, Google, and Pluralsight. Our passion is delivering quality courseware to our clients. 

John Hales


John has been working in the IT industry for more than 20 years. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of Storage Area Networking, virtualization, and cloud. 


Brian is an accomplished, author, trainer, and consultant with a background in IT datacenter management with over 20 years of technical and training experience.

Lori Aldrich

Creative Director

As an editor, graphic artist, and animator, Lori has made a successful career out of employing her creative passions to create numerous courses for audiences around the world.


Eve Eiler

Operations Manager 

Eve specializes in operations oversight and management. She is a certified expert in Google Cloud and a wide range of cloud computing solutions in addition to her years of team management experience.


Joe Wolfe 

Instructional Designer

A talented digital designer, Joe specializes in video and lab production and instructional design. His technical expertise and design skills combine for a great educational experience. 

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