John Hales  — Co-Founder

Areas of Responsibilities: Courseware Development and Training


John has been working in the IT industry for more than 25 years and has obtained many vendor certifications. He has taught classes in person throughout the world as well as via the internet for individual end users and for customized, internal training for Fortune 500 companies, written everything from quick reference guides to extensive in-detail manuals, and consulted on numerous technologies.



Phone: 954-309-0137

Brian Eiler — Chief Learning Architect

Areas of Responsibilities: Courseware Development, Training, and Voice-Overs


Brian is an experienced trainer and consultant with nearly 20 years of technical experience in datacenter management and design. He has taken his classroom and field experience to the press by authoring a number of publications, training courses, and certification exams for numerous Fortune 500 corporations. In addition, Brian puts his voice to work with video productions as a voice-over talent for a number of publishers and corporations.

Lori Aldrich — Co-Founder

Areas of Responsibilities: Animation, Editing, and Graphics


Lori has the ability to create intricate animations in concert with graphics to illustrate complex concepts in a simple way. She believes that using animations to make abstract concepts concrete is an effective way to make the concept more memorable and assist the learning process of the student.


In addition, she uses her skills as an editor to create consistency throughout a project. She directs the editing teams to ensure cohesiveness of projects.

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