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All of our courseware developers are also trainers.


Who have we taught?

We have decades of experience in training various audiences, including:

  • college faculty and staff

  • retired people wanting to re-enter the workforce in a technical position

  • those wanting to change careers

  • students

  • working professionals


We have helped people of all skill abilities increase their skill levels and become more valuable to their employer, more marketable in the job market, and more confident in their abilities to do what is required of them in a broad array of circumstances.


Where have we taught?

We have taught audiences around the globe on all inhabited continents. 


We have trained in hotel ballrooms, military bases, conference rooms, as well as formal training rooms. 


We have conducted training for individual companies as well as open enrollment courses.


Who better to train your students than the authors of the courseware? Training is a great addition to any courseware development plan.


Contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

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