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Technical Marketing

Technical marketing, much like Sales Enablement training, is marked by presentations rich with key features, use cases, and other customer-appealing information. The intent is to assist potential customers in their decision-making process, hopefully ending in the sale of a product.


Looking for information about teaching a sales force?  Visit our Sales Enablement page.


Equal parts education and marketing, a technical marketing class is often the step after attending a marketing meeting and the step before making the sale final. The presentation and presenter are vital to its success.

The information can be conveyed through PowerPoint decks or engaging eLearning tools like labs and video presentations.


Technical marketing is quickly becoming a driving force behind the profits of large companies and is only possible with top-of-the-line presentations which are comprised of eye-catching graphics and hearty data and product specs.


Technical marketing is a huge part of our business, and we have helped many companies leverage these classes to increase their sales: Dell, Intel, Firefly, IBM Cloud, Global Knowledge, and Amazon Web Services. 

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