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The Courseware Group was founded by professionals in a variety of disciplines that have collaborated on projects together to leverage the talents of each for a better finished project. As such, we have the ability to create any kind of courseware, from traditional face-to-face or online instructor led training to self-paced online learning.

We have the ability to create advanced graphics and animations and use them frequently in our courseware. This allows us to take complex or abstract concepts and make them simpler and more concrete. Our copy editors have broad experience editing technical texts so the text is clear and flows well. Our technical editors use their vast experience verifying the accuracy of any courseware before it gets published, making technical changes, as well as providing additional tips and tricks.


We now offer you the same services a la carte that we use internally to create our own courseware. We provide the same high quality services that we use in developing our own courses to anyone needing them for any size project, from creating a single icon to creating entire courses on any topic.


Please browse our services and take a look at some of the samples of our work that we have placed on the many Services pages. Don't hesitate to contact us with your feedback and to inquire about how we may help you.

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