Sales Enablement

Sales enablement training is very similar to Technical Marketing and is characterized by technical specs, key features, use cases, and any information a sales team would need to prepare them for customer questions and concerns. 


Looking for information about working directly with customers? Visit our Technical Marketing page. 


Equal parts marketing and education, a sales enablement PowerPoint deck is designed to be a quick reference guide to the product and its key features and selling points. While the sales team will also have access to white papers, technical papers, and many other resources, a sales enablement deck takes all the vital information from a variety of sources and condenses it into a user-friendly document that better equips sales people.


Sales enablement allows the sales force to have the most important information for a customer readily available. This often includes answers to common concerns customers may bring up.


Like technical marketing, sales enablement training is a huge part of our business. We have led many successful sales enablement programs with partners such as Dell, Intel, Firefly, IBM Cloud, Global Knowledge, and Amazon Web Services.