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Why Choose AWS Certification?

If you are in the IT/Technology industry, you’ve heard of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and probably use it. If you aren’t part of this community, you are probably using AWS without even realizing it. Companies like Netflix, ESPN, Uber, and Pinterest all use AWS to achieve stellar performance.

So why does knowing AWS’ services give an edge in the market?

To say Amazon is a reputable company is an understatement, considering it’s ranked number five on the Fortune 500 list. By awarding a certification, it extends that reputation and credibility to the holder of the certification. It not only certifies that you have passed the test, but that you have experience needed to perform tasks in AWS.

Amazon currently offers 11 certifications:


Cloud Practitioner


Solutions Architect Associate

SysOps Administrator Associate

Developer Associate


Solutions Architect Professional

DevOps Engineer Professional


Advanced Networking Specialty

Big Data Specialty

Security Specialty

Machine Learning Specialty

Alexa Skill Builder Specialty

Each certification exam tests skills unique for that qualification.

So, you’ve decided to certify. What steps do you take next?

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1. Find a testing location and time that works best for you and set a schedule for your study. Setting a date and time in advance provides a deadline and motivation for focused study. AWS certifications are offered by two companies: PSI Exam Testing and Pearson Vue. This allows for more testing locations and convenience for participants.

2. Look up study options. AWS and their authorized partners offer numerous one, two, or three-day classes in a host of locations that will give you many of the tools and resources you need. Additionally, exam prep courses are offered to help prepare for the nuances of test taking, like how long to spend on each question, what to bring with you, etc.

While AWS has their own sanctioned and sponsored program, many well equipped companies have created curriculum of their own. We have created many courses for preparing to take the AWS Certifications exams. All our courses can be found on our website. Here are a few that are especially helpful:


  • Identity and Access Management on AWS: Designing and Implementing an AWS Organization:

  • Identity and Access Management on AWS: Policies and Permissions

  • Identity and Access Management on AWS: Roles and Groups

  • Identity and Access Management on AWS: Users

  • Managing AWS Security and Identity

LinkedIn Learning:

  • Amazon Web Services: Implementing and Troubleshooting IaaS Products

  • Amazon Web Services: Implementing and Troubleshooting PaaS Products

  • Creating an IAM User

What opportunities are opened from certification?

Architecting AWS cloud solutions

Amazon Web Services and many, many other companies—large and small, private and public—hire Solutions Architects and those who hold the Professional certification to help customers architect solutions. The average salary for a position like this is $100,000 depending on which certification you hold and the position.

SysOps Administrator

After certifying, SysOps Admins are responsible for provisioning, installing, configuring, operating, and maintaining virtual systems, software, and related infrastructures. Salaries can start at $111,000

DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers design AWS cloud solutions that impact and improve specific business needs. Additionally, they perform maintenance and updates when needed. The starting salary for a position like this is around $100,000.

Teaching cloud computing

Global Knowledge is just one example of a company that teaches cloud computing skills, among other subjects. While the pay depends on the subject matter and level of experience in IT, instructors can expect $80+ per hour for the courses they teach. Many subjects are in an online instruction format, so instructors can work from home.

According to a salary survey performed by Global Knowledge, the following three AWS certifications are part of the top 10 list of highest paying certifications.

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: Average Salary $130,883

  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate: Average Salary $130,610

  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate: Average Salary $130,272

We specialize in cloud computing, including AWS. Reach out to us if you are looking to have a customized training written and/or delivered for your team.

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