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Graphics for Beginners: Find Striking Graphics

If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out our last post on planning your graphics. In that post, we help you start on the right foot by taking you through the steps of choosing the right graphics for your theme. By reading this post, we’re assuming you have already gone through those first steps.

Now that you have an idea of the graphics you are looking for, let’s talk about some resources you can use. Luckily, the internet has your back here. There are so many places that sell photos, gifs, or illustrations. And some are even free. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Shutterstock (

Along with adding to their content daily, Shutterstock offers use of millions of photos, vectors (scalable, digital images), videos, and even music to its members. With all the content they offer, you’re not likely to find yourself disappointed. In addition, they offer their own editing software and let you quickly take an image and place text over it. This is great for a beginner who doesn’t want to pay for Adobe image editing software.

As for pricing, this option is not free. There are options for downloading 10, 50, 350, or 750 images a month. As an individual, you might not need more than 10 images a month, but with a company, the needs could vary greatly. They do offer a couple free downloads every week.

Overall, if you have the funds, this is the best route to go. With the millions of options available, it is easier than ever to keep continuity and theme and find exactly what you want.

Pixabay (

Similar to Shutterstock, Pixabay offers photos, vectors, and videos. Unlike Shutterstock, many of the images they offer are free to download. Because of this, Pixabay is best for someone on a small budget. As well, you have the rights to modify any content as you wish.

As always, the downside of getting it for free is the amount of good content. While Pixabay does offer some quality content, you may have to sift to find it. For free, though, it might be worth it. Also, make sure to turn on the safe search feature to avoid stumbling across inappropriate images.

Pexels (

Another free photo site, Pexels, is very similar to Pixabay. They offer photos and videos. You also have all the rights to modify the any image as much as you would like and even use them for commercial use.

Unsplash (

Offering the fewest number of photos on this list, Unsplash deserves mention because of the quality of their photos. Professional photographers contribute to this site and the images are stunning. They do only offer photos, though, so you’ll have to find vectors or videos elsewhere.

Interestingly, these photos are used all the time commercially. After using Unsplash for a while, we started to notice their photos were used by large companies all the time like Slack, Trello, and Squarespace.

These free photos are fair game to modify and use commercially.

The Courseware Group (

Tailored to your exact needs, The Courseware Group produces custom vector images, infographics, logos, video editing, and more. We work side by side with you to ensure we produce quality graphics that will benefit you most. Whatever your need, The Courseware Group can help.

With so many sites we didn’t get to mention, there is potential for finding the perfect graphics for any project. In our next post, we’ll go through the process of creating your own graphics. As always, feel free to reach out to us for any help you may need on your way to better content.

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