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Pluralsight Live: Lori's Report

Have you ever wondered why people travel so far to attend a work conference? Well, we do it for you, the customer.

As the Editor in Chief at The Courseware Group, I attended the Pluralsight Live conference from September 18th – 21st. This was a time for the authors, partners, vendors, and the Pluralsight community to get together.

There were many classes offered, and I found them to be informative and helpful. One of the many things we do is video editing. A representative from TechSmith—the makers of Camtasia—was there. Camtasia 9.1 was just released in September. I learned about some of the new functionality and we compared Camtasia 9 to Camtasia 8. (We currently use version 9.1) The class contained an extensive question/answer portion which was incredibly informative. As a company, we always want to stay current with technology that we use, and it was nice to have a person to talk with about our questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Another class was all about making sure that we stay current with how we present our courses. We talked about the importance of having engaging content and saw several different examples of what worked and what didn’t work. They said that we need to be constantly setting our own bar, and then raising it, and raising it again. It was a nice reminder of a philosophy that we already employ. We have always strived to produce superior, quality work. This is what The Courseware Group does.

I took other many other courses as well, but you may be asking, “What does this do for me?” As a company, we invest the time to be on the cutting edge. It means that we set our bar high for the courseware we produce. We continually want to provide the highest quality work for our customers. We have trainers; technical writers; style, content, and copy editors; voice-over talent; a video production team—and more. The Courseware Group has a strong company culture of taking the information we learn and sharing with each other.

While presenting, Steve Young said, “The daily routine of today is change.” The world of technology does indeed change quickly and we will be right there using the latest technology and techniques at the forefront of design to fit your company’s needs.

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