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Lori Aldrich — Co-Founder

PowerPoint Aficionado, Graphics, and Editor in Chief

Lori Aldrich has had a love of words from a young age. She has turned this love of words into a career reading, correcting, and polishing others' writing. She has worked on both small and large projects. She has led editing teams and trained the editors on the software, acceptable styles for the project, and documenting their work. She is involved with both copy, style, and video editing.


Lori gained an appreciation for art two decades ago while dating her husband Wayne. At that time he was an artist and a columnist. Lori would accompany him to art exhibits and museums learning various styles of art. 


Lori subsequently acquired skills in a variety of creative outlets, including PowerPoint, Storyline, Photoshop, and Camtasia. In the courseware that Lori has helped develop, she has created graphics and tables, used SmartArt effectively, designed page layouts, choreagraphed animations, and combined audio and visual in Camtasia.


Lori has the ability to create intricate animations in concert with graphics to illustrate complex concepts in a simple way. She believes that using animations to make abstract concepts concrete is an effective way to make the concept more memorable and assist the learning process of the student.


She believes that smooth video production will help the learner focus on the topic at hand and not on flaws in the production.


Lori loves creating and has used her skills on courseware that has been delivered throughout the world.

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