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Self-directed online learning has become a popular option for individuals looking to build industry skills and thus represents a tremendous opportunity for companies looking to promote literacy of their own products and services within the industry.

In this way, training has become one of the most important vectors for marketing, and smart companies are investing in quality eLearning content that positions them and their products ahead of the competition.

We have the ability to develop our courses using the learning management system (LMS) of your choice to aid those corporations who need to deliver, track, and report on their students in online courses. 


These courses are designed with step-by-step instructions that include media demonstrations, training simulations, skill builder activities, and knowledge assessments.

We have the ability to convert ILT (Instructor-Led Training) into eLearning or eLearning into ILT. We also can create courseware utilizing both mediums.


Learning should be accessible to all who seek it, so we also have the ability to make all our eLearning courses accessible to the hearing impaired and in many languages.

In the past, instructor-led training often meant scheduling and organizing a lecture in a large conference hall which involved a lot of complicated logistics. Today, consumers can enjoy the benefits of instructor-led training combined with the convenience of eLearning.


Here at the Courseware Group, we recognize that some subjects are easier to grasp when you have an instructor there to lend a helping hand and we can design our courseware around this paradigm.

Who have we taught?

We have decades of experience in training various audiences, including:

  • college faculty and staff

  • retired people wanting to re-enter the workforce in a technical position

  • those wanting to change careers

  • students

  • working professionals


We have helped people of all skill abilities increase their skill levels and become more valuable to their employer, more marketable in the job market, and more confident in their abilities to do what is required of them in a broad array of circumstances.


Where have we taught?

We have taught audiences around the globe on all inhabited continents. 


We have trained in hotel ballrooms, military bases, conference rooms, along with formal training facilities. 


We have conducted training for individual companies as well as open enrollment courses.


Our personalized training material is a great addition to any courseware development plan.


Contact us for more information.

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